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The War Within (A poem)

I know others have experienced this too.

It is stirring now, the war within. metallic blades each reducing their opponents.

Enforced humility is their harsh reality.
It’s no humility at all.
It is harsh.
The vast expanse before me stirs to life,
Recognizing that which has not met this land for some time now.
There is no time to bow.
It is time to be broken.  
This war is no respecter of persons.
Creatures great and small (mostly small) flee as the war approaches.
Encroaches on the peace they’ve known.
No white flags are flown.

I smile a bit.
Authority surging through me, as I have power to shape my own environment.
Time well spent.
In my wake, a path rent wide,
I look back as pride wells up inside.
Order from chaos, these tiny worlds lost
Without me.
Before me, another creature stirs
Flies away and blurs into nothing.
I wish him well in his new endeavors.
Politely aware that this environment and I exist together symbiotically. 
Even that precious bee, needed me.

And then, I am stung.




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