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The God of Intimacy and Action….

Enjoying this book so far. Just finished section one, written by Campolo. It’s clear that he has a few areas he’s pushing personally, but ultimately his heart seems genuine. It’s a reminder that a heart that longs for God, usually shapes a body that is given life by his heart. Both on an individual and a communal level. Unfortunately, the Church seems a bit crippled compared to the body God’s heart should be giving life to…

Really looking forward to section 2, written by Mary Darling of Spring Arbor University. It’s about Fueling Intimacy, and she goes into describing and giving examples/words about Christian mysticism, etc…which John Wesley was very much involved in (the end of section one has a few pages on John Wesley and Methodism, and highlights moments where the church really did seem to be living from God’s heart). Section one does a good thing, in reminding the reader that we do not seek a mystical encounter/relationship with God in order to “feel good”, or that we can claim anything special about ourselves. We seek God for the same reason, and in the same heart as Jesus sought God. That we might be a part of His original design for creation, and we may be connected in what will be the “reign and rule” of God…both now, and forever.

Beyond all that mumbo-jumbo of christian-speak…presupposing that you’re one of many who need something beyond regular church attendance, and a potluck here and there…this is a good book to check out.

As a youth pastor, I’ve been to many “conferences” and “concerts”, etc. I’ve ridden the roller-coaster of a spirituality based on emotion. I believe God can and does use those experiences. I also know that I’m still hungry. Hungry for something not based on how well service went Sunday. Or Wednesday. Or Sunday Night. Or camp. Etc. Something not based on how the music was. Not based on how the preacher met my needs. Not based on who complimented my witness. Not based on how many times I’ve prayed “well”. Not based on how many teenagers I’ve gotten to say a sinners’ prayer.

I’m hungry for God, but I’m learning that too often I stop there. I focus on how hungry I am for Him, or an experience of Him. God is not hiding. God is not “withholding” Himself or His Spirit. God is here…now. God offers me a chance to love Him (others). To suffer with Him (others). To serve Him (others). To give to Him(others). To receive His Spirit (and be a “conduit” to others). To live towards His Kingdom on a daily basis (with others). To join in with a creation that is already worshiping Him, in living towards being restored.

But doing this….freaks me out a bit. What will I give up? Will I be embarrassed? Who will listen? Who will join me?

A great reminder came on page 38, “You will not ask yourself if you are noble enough to embrace these social “rejects.” Instead, seeing Christ, the King of Heaven, waiting to be loved in them, you will ask yourself, “Am I worthy to be their servants?” “

So on the other hand…I did say I was hungry…one bite at at time….

Anywhooo…if you’re bored…read it. 🙂



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