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A Golden Freak-Out….

Wow. I know I’ve posted a lot this week, but I really gotta say something. Now, I don’t mean to offend anyone who has sent me a well-intentioned e-mail recently, warning me of “The Golden Compass”. But after about 10 of them, and seeing this pop up all over the internet, I wanted to say something.

Stop freaking out.

Yes, the author is a self-proclaimed atheist. Yes, this fantasy series involves an illustration of children “killing god”, or “combating the oppressive forces of a senile God”. But to think we need to “take a stand” against this horrible film that will somehow infect the minds and souls of our children like an atheistic virus if we watch the movie or buy the books seems to be a bit over the top.

The link that most often comes with the warning is to a website called . I still highly recommend this website, it’s great for checking all the myths and rumors your grandparents forward to you. But even in Snopes’ article, the final paragraph reminds us this may in fact be a powerful tool we can use to discuss organized religion, and the difference between what it has done in the past, and the Heart of God, both with young adults and possibly even with children. Why is it that so many people would rather not be involved in organized religion? That is an important question for us to be discussing.

Ultimately, as with ANY movie with challenging themes (meaning any good movie)…it should be chewed on together, and discussed. I believe to watch a good movie, and never reflect on it again means it must not have been a good movie, or you must not be a good movie-watcher. This one is no different.

If you choose not to go to it…that’s fine. If you want to inform other people that this movie may bring up difficult questions….good. If you’re trying to fuel a mass hysteria that makes us look like a mindless horde avoiding a children’s movie because we’re afraid of our children asking questions….stop. The world is watching.

Looking over my post…I didn’t know how to translate it into a more loving statement. So know that I love each of ya’….sometimes my love is blunt. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “A Golden Freak-Out….

  1. I actually studied Pullman and “The Golden Compass” In a Myths and Literature class in college. All three books in the series are wonderful. They’re beautifully written, and allow you to reflect on your own religion and faith. Nowhere in the book does it say “Hey! Now that you’ve read this book you’re an athiest!” I agree that people are going over the top with it. From what I understand, and much to my disappointment, they’ve taken a lot of the religious aspect out of the movie. The movie will be a watered down version geared toward kids with a likeness to Narnia or Tarabithia(sp). I’m still going to see it because I loved the books, and Nicole Kidman. I also hear the visual effects are awesome. Who can pass up a talking Polar Bear? I sure can’t!

  2. Awesome! We will most definitely be seeing the movie, probably with a group of friends, and with the intentions of a religion based discussion afterwards. Sounds like a good time to me.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Wick. I agree that this can be an awesome witnessing tool and is not a reason to freak out! What kills me……… is said that the author (a professed atheist) wants to kill God in the minds of children and even does “kill” God in the book. How can you kill Someone you don’t even believe in? Hee hee! Wouldn’t it be just absolutely AWESOME if this guy were converted?? God can do it……let’s start praying right now! Loved the Addison video, by the way. She is definitley a keeper. LK

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