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…see you Sunday?

I just recently read the book “Starving Jesus“, because I signed up to help promote it in order to get a free copy. Here’s a few thoughts. (notice the capitalization of the letter “C”)

A large part of the book beats a dead horse over and over and over and over again. Basically, these guys have become upset with the Church, and everything they don’t like about it. But there is a section here and there that’s worth reading, enough to make the book worth a read. Basically a call to do more than sit in a pew, and get into each others’ lives.

Right towards the beginning, one of the authors decides to start going to church again, even though he realizes not much that’s going on in the church feeds him. Why? Because he wants to be a part of the solution. He realizes Church is not about how I liked the music, or how I liked the sermon, or how things looked, or how ______ treated me.

I can understand these thoughts, because many of the young adults I’ve known have similar feelings. They hear a Church that talks a lot about worship, love, grace, and serving the poor. But they see a Church that is focused on music style, selfish, that makes judgements about other people (always with good intentions), and that spends more money on furniture polish than they do feeding the hungry. If you’re looking for a church that spends more on feeding the hungry than furniture polish….check us out!

One of the messages of the book is…stop analyzing “how” to do Church…and go DO SOMETHING that Jesus talked about as the body. Serve one another. Serve without expecting in return. Share life with each other more than a simple “how are you this morning?” on Sunday.

Basically, if you enjoy Church…this book may rub you wrong. But maybe that’s good once in a while. Yeah, it beats a dead horse….but sometimes a dead horse deserves a good beating.

But if you or someone you know really has a tough time getting out of bed Sunday mornings because they’re sick of how they’ve experienced Church so far…or just because sleeping in is a whole lot more exciting than the Church they’ve known….check this book out. You may be stirred….


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