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John 13:21-32

Jesus became troubled
And called out his betrayer
Even though it was something
He could’ve sought in silent prayer

A group that watches out
Over the hearts of each other
Not only sharing friendship
But each one was like a brother

Moments of authenticity
Threaten deceptions’ power
For Judas, it set him free to act
Being told this was the hour

Now is the time to stop pretending
To reveal what’s in your heart
The heart of Judas, revealed as hard
By choosing to depart

Vulnerable relationship
Is a Holy place to stay
It’s not a magic pill that makes
All sin go away

But as God’s children covenant
To watch over each other in Love
We’re reminded of God’s own desire
Not to remain “above”.

He came to live among us
To make our world His own
And not only to share time and space
But to humbly take the throne

If Judas and we would stay
And humbly confess our sin
In purposeful relationships
Where such Love can enter in

Imagine the redemption
God can use these moments for
And it can all begin by simply
Not running out the door.



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