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Isaiah 58:1-12

I told them I’d love a pair of shoes.

She brought me buttered toast.

She said “I even spread it thick,

Because I love you most.”

I asked them for an umbrella

To protect me when it drips.

They gave me a new LEGO set

With little pirate ships.

I asked to see them work together

To show love can abound

They pushed and shoved each other back

To show the love they’d found.

We see the silliness herein

And smile at silly words.

We think of how such children would

Be really quite absurd.

Yet God has asked to “end injustice,

Give the hungry food to eat.”

And every year we smile and say

“We hear you – we give up sweets!”

May we be truly humbled 

By the way we miss the mark

But not into inaction –

May humility be the spark…



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