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Jonah 3:1-10

Why don’t we celebrate
That Nineveh turned?
When they turned around
As Gods’ anger burned?

We focus on Jonah
As he wants to run
How God sends a fish
And Jonah’s undone.

It’s told from his vantage
And so I suppose
It makes sense that this
Is how the story goes.

But what if we had
Ninevehs side?
When an entire community
Let go of their pride?

When a leader removed
His status and silence,
And called all who lived
To turn away from their violence

To repent from their ways
To hunger and thirst
God saw them sincere
And removed His own curse

A story of grace
A kingdom set free
A celebration of God
Where once wouldn’t be.

So as Jonah pouts
Look back to the King
And ask God how you
Might lead such a thing…



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