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Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7

It wasn’t a magic
apple or pear
That made Eve and Adam
even more aware

Aware that their status
was less than divine
A choice that brought death
To theirs, yours, and mine.

The choice was not simply
To chew and to swallow
The choice was to lead
Instead of to follow

To say “we know better”
When God gives a way
It’s a choice that still
Looks tempting today.

A choice to serve self
Over loving others
To see enemies
In our sisters and brothers

To live lives divided
Apart and alone
To deny that Jesus
Has taken the throne

By giving himself over
To the worst of our choosing
He won the battle
We were already losing

We’ve been set free
Reconciled to Love
No longer burdened
With “doing/being enough”

We are less than divine
That’s Grace Freely given
As His Love brings life
To we, who weren’t living.



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