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Isaiah 51:1-3

There are times we all feel a weakness
Timid, alone, or afraid
Isaiah takes time to remind us to look
To the quarry from which we were made

The promise was given to Abraham
And Sarah shares in it as well
As each year passes the fruit of it grows
Increasing the story to tell

We hear of the story of promise
How God will delight and restore
How those who wait and serve faithful
Will continue to yield even more

Even more fruit of the promise
Beyond we could know how to ask
Even though we may feel unworthy
Or ill equipped for the task

God directs our eyes to the quarry
For Abraham was only one man
Receiving the promise transformed
All things to be part of Gods’ plan

It may take some more chiseling
While continuing to seek the LORD
But take heart and be encouraged today
And great will be our reward

Not that we will gain earthly treasures
Or that God will bless our own nation
But that in His faithful presence
Our Lord brings complete consolation.

A garden will bloom in the desert
The places of pain, joy we’ll find
So for today, hear Gods’ call
Look toward from whom we were mined.



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