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Isaiah 65:17-25

A pamphlet about New Creation
For God’s people still living in old
It may surprise some people today
No mention about streets of gold

The people of God are created
As a delight and sources of joy
No weeping shall be, nor cries of distress
And 100 years is still a young boy

His people build houses and vineyards
Able to enjoy every fruit
When we need Him near, he’ll be right here
Before His presence we recruit

The promise extends for generations
And the wolves will feed with the lambs
Together you’ll see natural enemies
Existing together in God’s plans

These are conditions we cannot muster
We cannot manufacture these things
No matter how many laws we can change
Or how beautifully our bands sing

But this is the heart of our Savior
Revealed in prophetic brochure
Unattainable for us, but not cast aside
His vision we cannot ignore

Each of us is able to join
In revealing this grand heart of His
For He later reminds us, that anyone in Christ
Old is gone, and New Creation is…



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