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John 20:1-18

Mary didn’t come praying
“Jesus, please be resurrected.”
She had no way of understanding
What was to be expected

Sometimes we think God requires prayer
That understands out of thin air
What to ask for, and when to say
Exactly what He’d want today.

The mystery of the empty tomb
A hope for which they’d not given much room
The disciples returned to where they lived
While Mary had more grief to give.

Two angels first appeared within
And asked her why she wept
“They have taken my Lord away
And now I’m unsure where He’s kept.”

Then the gardener from outside
Smiled and asked the same
She was overwhelmed and smiling wide
As soon as He said her name

It was no gardener standing there
In physical body appeared
It was Jesus, resurrected
Saying “do not hold me here”.”

“I didn’t return to stay forever
But to tell you I must go,
But tell the brothers I will ascend
And I’m here so you will know.”

So Mary went to share the news
Soon as the disciples she did reach
(Which lays a pretty good foundation
For all women called to preach.)

Jesus, resurrected Lord
Firstborn of New Creation
Reveals to us the Father’s Power
And offers us His Salvation…



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