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John 20:11-20

While others left, off on their way
Mary stayed and wept
She wondered where her Lord had gone
And who, his body kept.

She was pleasantly surprised
When gardener turned out to be
That Jesus for whom her heart was for
Looking right at her, saying “Mary!”

How often do we look at things
Without a pinch of hope?
How often is our vision blurred
By being at the end of our rope?

Mary was not looking
For a Savior that could dance
She’d assumed the body was taken
And she had lost her chance

Her chance to participate in grieving
To remember what she’d lost
To sit and ponder just how great
Everything that had happened, cost.

I wonder what would’ve happened
If for life, her hope had room
If she pumped her fist like a child who won
When she discovered the empty tomb?

If Jesus would have played a bit
Of Holy “Hide & Seek”,
Or if he would have tapped her shoulder
Then turned the other cheek

I’m not advocating
That there isn’t time to grieve
But if that’s all we’ve come to do
We need an invitation to believe

Believe that what looks like death
And causes apprehension
Can be offered to God in Jesus’ name
And used for His redemption



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